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The C.E.C Vault

Greetings, fellow cricketers!

At The C.E.C, we understand that sometimes our sports bags take on a life of their own, filled with the tales of each triumphant match and playful scrimmage. It appears as if some of your items have been playing hide-and-seek! Please do not fret. The amazing coaches of The C.E.C are also professional players of hide-and-seek and found a few such items!

There were some items left behind by some young cricketers at our First Annual Summer Cricket Camp. Below are the items waiting to be claimed. Be quick to claim though, for we can only store lost items in The C.E.C Vault for 14 days before they are donated to a local outreach project.


If an item is yours, please click on the image of your item and an email prompt will be opened up automatically with the appropriate subject line. It's that easy!

- (Donated) Green Bucket Hat with Drawstring, Khaki in Color.

(Donated) Pokémon Water Bottle, Black Bottle with a Yellow Cap.

- (Donated) CA Junior Softball Cricket BatBlue Handle (Made in Pakistan).



The C.E.C Lost and Found Donated




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