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Complaint Handling Policy

Cricket Empowerment Company (The C.E.C) is committed to delivering a high standard of service to anyone who engages with our work. We are committed to resolving complaints effectively and without undue delay. All complaints will be taken seriously and will be dealt with in accordance with this policy, to ensure their swift resolution.


We attempt to resolve any issues in an informal and amicable manner, although unfortunately this may not always be possible. This policy outlines the official steps that can be taken to support the resolution of issues.


  • Purpose

    • This policy applies to all employees, trustees, workers, volunteers, delivery partners, coaches and beneficiaries (e.g. children, young people, parents, teachers) and any other individuals performing functions in relation to Cricket Empowerment Company, such as agency workers.

    • This policy sets out how an individual with a complaint, dispute, conflict or allegation regarding any aspect of Cricket Empowerment Company’s work may raise this.

    • The aim of this policy is to help us to deal with disputes, complaints, conflict, and allegations.

    • To bring complaints, or disputes to a satisfactory and constructive resolution, quickly and effectively.

    • To ensure that all complaints are dealt with consistently and fairly.


  • Formal complaints

    • We hope that most complaints can be settled quickly and as close to the source of the problem as possible. Therefore, if you are dissatisfied with a service or activity we have provided, or any other aspect of our contact with you, you should initially contact the most relevant member of staff in question and ask them to help you to resolve the matter. The member of staff will work with you to understand why you are dissatisfied and, if possible, take action to resolve the matter immediately and informally. If it becomes apparent that informal resolution will not be possible, your complaint will be escalated for consideration as a formal complaint straightaway.

    • If it is not possible to resolve your complaint in this manner, or you would rather not go directly to the member of staff in question, you can raise a complaint in a number of ways: 

      • Verbally or in writing to a member of Cricket Empowerment Company staff who will then record and escalate the complaint .

      • Email to the Chief Operating Officer at

      • A web form on our website, with the option to remain anonymous if desired, that will go to the Chief Operating Officer. 

    • We also have a Whistleblowing Policy and form, with the option for it to go to theChief Operating Officer or the Chief Executive Officer. This form can be used to report any serious concerns that you may have over malpractice or wrongdoing occurring within Cricket Empowerment Company, our programmes or at our events. These may involve Cricket Empowerment Company employees, coaches, delivery partners, sub-contractors or other related individuals/organisations and include but are not limited to: financial malpractice or fraud within The C.E.C or relating to The C.E.C funding; failure to comply with legal obligations; danger to health and safety at The C.E.C session, event or workplace; criminal activity; improper conduct, unethical or discriminatory behaviour (e.g. bribery or racism); safeguarding concern or incident; any attempt to conceal any of the above.

    • In order for us investigate your formal complaint should explain: 

      • The nature and extent of your complaint; 

      • The reasons for your dissatisfaction clearly, provide copies of any background information you consider relevant; 

      • What informal measures have been considered and carried out prior to raising a formal complaint; 

      • The desired outcome that you are seeking. 

    • If you make a complaint, we will ask you to provide your name and contact details; we will only use this information for the purposes of handling your complaint and will not disclose it to anyone else. There are options to remain anonymous also.

    • Concerns expressed anonymously may be more difficult to adequately investigate and will be considered at our discretion. In exercising this discretion, the following factors will be considered: the seriousness of the issue raised, the credibility of the concerns and evidence available, the likelihood of confirming the allegation from attributable sources. Proper investigation may prove difficult if we cannot obtain further information. It is therefore preferable for those raising concerns to reveal their identity. Measures can then be taken to preserve confidentiality as appropriate.

    • We will acknowledge all complaints within five working days and provide you with contact details for the member of staff looking into the matter.

    • We will aim to provide a response as quickly as possible within 15 working days but if we need longer to consider your complaint, we will explain the reasons why and tell you when you can expect to receive a response.

    • We may need to contact other parties (without disclosing your identity) in order to properly investigate your complaint. If you do not wish us to do so you must tell us although we reserve the right to refer serious matters to relevant authorities at any time.

    • Depending on the severity of the complaint this may be referred to other more specialised teams for example our legal services team or health and safety representative.

    • The designated staff member will investigate your complaint and will review the faThe C.E.C and consider any information you have provided us. 

    • At the end of this formal complaint, we will either discuss the matter with you in person or we will write to you to tell you the outcome and explain any actions we propose to take.

    • If you are not satisfied with the outcome and feel that the complaint has not been resolved, you can appeal and request that your complaint is escalated.

    • Your complaint will then be reviewed by the Chief Executive, who will consider any additional information you have provided and will provide a review of our prior handling of your complaint.

    • After considering your appeal we will write to tell you the outcome and explain any actions that we propose to take. 


This policy and procedure and its operation will be periodically reviewed.

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