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Complaints Hadling Form


The C.E.C's Reporting Form

For an urgent response to an ongoing incident, please text our reporting hotline by SMS or WhatsApp at +44 20 3239 8602.


The C.E.C strives to ensure everyone who comes to an event has an enjoyable day of cricket, and that the facility is safe, accessible and welcoming to all.


If you experienced something that you feel did not meet the high standards we set ourselves, please let us know and we will do everything we can to improve this.

Please specify what your report is regarding i.e. entering the facility, access, etc. *

Provide as much detail as you can regarding your experience. If it is a specific event or issue, please include detail on what happened, where and who was involved.

Where did this take place?

Where possible, provide exact details e.g. entrance, inside facility, parking lot, etc.

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Data Protection *

The C.E.C will use your personal information for the purposes of reviewing, and responding to, this Incident Report Form, and investigating the incident as necessary. Your personal information will be processed in accordance with The C.E.C's Privacy Policy, which may be viewed at:


Please tick the below box to confirm that you have read and understood the statement above and you agree to The C.E.C collecting and processing your personal information for the specified purpose set out in this form.

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