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Private Coaching


           Welcome to The C.E.C, where we offer comprehensive High-Performance coaching in batting, bowling, fielding, and wicket keeping skills through personalized 1:1 sessions or invigorating group sessions. Our expert coaches are all qualified by the English Cricket Board (Levels I to III), ensuring that you receive elite guidance and mentorship at competitive rates. 

           The table below highlights pricing associated with the different coaching plans that we offer, dependent on whether the cricketer(s) are members/non-members of The C.E.C and the number of cricketer(s) involved per session. To make it simple to follow, we suggest that you read the table row by row and from left to right. Remember, we are available to answer any queries so if you need help, just Contact Us and we will assist you with the booking right away.

Join us on this transformative journey, and unlock your true potential on and off the field.

Keep scrolling to discover member exclusive benefits and price savings on individual high-performance coaching packages.

Coaching Plans
Starting At
Explore Plans
Non-Member Plans
C.E.C Member Plans

Launch Deal:
The First 25 Members will Receive 50% off the current membership price!

Best Value

The C.E.C Annual Membership



C.E.C Annual Members Save Up to 20% On Coaching Packages

Valid for one year

Discounts on Private Coaching Sessions

Discounts on Cricket Camps

Bespoke Tailored Nutrition Plan

Exclusive Access to Player Data (Video Analysis & Dev.)

Early Access to Events, Promotions & Offers

Access to The C.E.C Vlog

Discounts on C.E.C Merchandise (Coming Soon)

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